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We are pretty handy at digital

Now MAP and manage your organization with a combo of cloud based ERP + Feature rich Mobile APP.
Offering you better control and convenience at sensible cost.

On Cloud

Available across the globe 24 X 7. It not only moves swiftly but also saves money and integrates on-premises apps and data.

Responsive Layout

Access it on any device of your choice. Be it tablet, mobile or laptop. It adapts quickly to provide optimal viewing.

Interactive Mobile App

Prudently planned mobile application on Android and iOS with customized interface for parents and school authorities.

Role based Access

"To each his own". Be it a parent, teacher, principal, accountant or a system admin. Customized access organizes things best.

Regulatory Compliance

Supports grading system and meets other regulatory compliance. Helps relevant statutory control over operations.

User Training

We love to extend our family by training users and bringing them on board. Program is scheduled as per the organizational needs.

Remote Monitoring

We remotely keep a track of technical performance of the system. Inbuilt intelligence rapidly develop actionable insights.

Security & Scalability

Security, privacy, and compliance standards are built in. As a user you enjoy the power, flexibility, and scalability.

Support & Updates

Key to our survival. One of the most striking feature in our entire offering. We investigate and fix incidents quickly.


Tailor made application, to effortlessly collect, store and analyse log data.

MIS Reporting

Customized reports to separate the signal from the noise with simple and powerful management reporting interface.


Smartly designed, printer friendly reports. Not only help cutting costs but also increases productivity.

Welcome We Are Mapping Minds

Mapping Minds grows up, but never grows old.

Mapping Minds has been conceived with the sole objective of bringing technology a step closer to life, more so in the world of education.The identity Mapping Minds in itself is a symbol of our ongoing mission.With over a decade long existence we have been consistently innovating and implementing path breaking ideas.

This very objective activated us to build a platform that is available 24 X 7 and is closest to its user. The implementation was not planned to be as grand as it is now, as we never fancied to take on the Internet world by storm. We always tried to stay in our limits (though a bit stretched now) & grow with an addition of every single user. We took off, in a small way, and eventually a bigger way. We kept adding on to our strength, step by step. Our inflating user database is the proof, which makes us proudly say that we are moving swiftly towards our goal.

All this would have come to a naught in the absence of right people at the right time and most importantly at the right places. This great strength of people keeps our office in New Delhi and Noida buzzing. It's not only about getting noticed and sharing lighter moments but to keep each other on toes to bring in the best.

We believe that the key to a ventures success is to create and retain talent. We ensure that every single contribution is counted. The creative brainstorming sessions are designed to amuse ourselves which triggers a chain reaction traveling to our development team & what better than that the final beneficiary are our users.

Given the fickle nature of the user's needs and the changing environment, it is important to ensure we keep on innovating ourselves. Frequently we un-pack a surprise box for all our loyal users. It may be in form of a new feature on mobile app or a surprise skill development session with subject matter experts.

We value each of our associates & pledge to provide them the best of relationship and business.

Give Your Ideas Maximum Impact.

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Thank you for your interest in Mapping Minds services. Please provide the following information about your business needs to help us serve you better. This information will enable us to route your request to the our product specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We have our plans designed for every institute. Our pricing generally varies on the number of users and modules. Once we gather your exact requirement we can comfortably quote you the right price. Our sales team will be happy to help. Drop us a line at salesteam@mappingminds.in

Our school don't need all. Can we pick and choose?

Yes, you have the liberty to pick and choose the modules from our library. You are also eligible for all future upgrades on the respective modules. Further you have the flexibilty to scale up the modules as and when desired.

Once confirmed. How soon it can be deployed?

We generally have a 30 days cycle from confirmation to implementation. The process involves requirement gathering, customization, installation and implementation. This is generally followed by detailed user training and data migration.

Please elaborate on support and updates?

Issues are a part of any technical offering. Important is capability and approach to get them fixed. We take immense pride in our well trained and equiped dedicated support team to make life easy for our customers.
Our development team is working round the year in sync with our research team to identify and implement on future needs. This not only keep things relevant but also helps us in offering some exciting fetures to our customers delight.

How quickly our team can adapt to this system?

Once implemented we conduct multiple training sessions with all the users individually and collectively. Further, our carefully planned and designed user manual serves as a ready reckoner for every stake holder. With our user friendly interface and functional flow we are sure the user gets used to this much earlier than expected.

Do you provide mobile App?

Of course, We believe this is future. Our native mobile app is available both on Android and iOS platform. Customized interface for Parents and school authorities makes things very simple and convenient. Please allow our team to introduce you to some non conventional but efficient way of doing things. We are sure to get appreciation from all quarters.